Pattaya Apartments – How to Find the Right Apartment

Get to know Pattaya before you rent an apartment in Pattaya for long term. Rent a Motorbike or scooter and explore Pattaya for a few days if you are new to Pattaya. Visit as many areas as you can. You will see which areas you like and which areas fit your budget if you are on a budget.

Most Apartment complexes won’t rent to you for less than 3 – 6 months during high season. You want to make sure you like the area that you will be living in. There are as many apartments in Pattaya as there are grains of sand on the beaches in Pattaya.

You will find very large apartment complexes with hundreds of apartments and you will find smaller buildings with 10, 20 or 30 units. You will see so-called serviced apartments which mean nothing more than “ready to move in”.

Bring a notepad along and take notes of the areas you like most. Stop by apartment complexes and find the owner, manager or management office. The manager will most likely speak some English.

Talk to tenants and find out if they like living there and if they know about issues, if any. Once you found and narrowed down on an apartment, visit the apartment and area during different times of the day and night. This is important! This is Thailand. You don’t want to find out about bars that stay open all night right on your doorstep after you paid your rent and your deposit.

Standard deposit is usually one month rent, but it may be a little bit more than that if there will be a cleaning fee when you move out. Rents vary from as little as 3,500 Baht to 10’s of thousands a month depending on size, location, furniture, whether it has a kitchen or not and much more.

Apartments for less than 3500 Baht a month may not be suitable for most westerners. I have seen very nice and clean apartments for 3,500 Baht and I have seen not so nice ones for 10,000 Baht. For 10,000 Baht a month you should be able to rent a very nice 1 room studio style Apartment with a good kitchen and nice furniture.

Understand how much you will be paying for water and electricity. I have heard of low rents but extremely high charges for water and power. Make sure you write down the water and power reading when you move in. Get a copy of the apartment rules if one is available.

Other Things To Consider :

  • Check that the power works including light fixtures
  • Check there is water in kitchen, bath, and shower
  • Do you need Air Conditioning?
  • Do the windows have screens?
  • Is there safe parking?
  • Make your list…

Pattaya is not your normal kind of city. It is a party town in many areas and when you choose to rent an apartment you may want to check out the vicinity during daytime and nighttime. Are there any bars close by? Bars can be fun for someone coming to visit Pattaya for a short time. Bars may not be so much fun if you have one in your backyard. Bars in Pattaya oftentimes stay open 24/7.