Pattaya Apartments – How to Find the Right Apartment

Get to know Pattaya before you rent an apartment in Pattaya for long term. Rent a Motorbike or scooter and explore Pattaya for a few days if you are new to Pattaya. Visit as many areas as you can. You will see which areas you like and which areas fit your budget if you are on a budget.

Most Apartment complexes won’t rent to you for less than 3 – 6 months during high season. You want to make sure you like the area that you will be living in. There are as many apartments in Pattaya as there are grains of sand on the beaches in Pattaya.

You will find very large apartment complexes with hundreds of apartments and you will find smaller buildings with 10, 20 or 30 units. You will see so-called serviced apartments which mean nothing more than “ready to move in”.

Bring a notepad along and take notes of the areas you like most. Stop by apartment complexes and find the owner, manager or management office. The manager will most likely speak some English.

Talk to tenants and find out if they like living there and if they know about issues, if any. Once you found and narrowed down on an apartment, visit the apartment and area during different times of the day and night. This is important! This is Thailand. You don’t want to find out about bars that stay open all night right on your doorstep after you paid your rent and your deposit.

Standard deposit is usually one month rent, but it may be a little bit more than that if there will be a cleaning fee when you move out. Rents vary from as little as 3,500 Baht to 10’s of thousands a month depending on size, location, furniture, whether it has a kitchen or not and much more.

Apartments for less than 3500 Baht a month may not be suitable for most westerners. I have seen very nice and clean apartments for 3,500 Baht and I have seen not so nice ones for 10,000 Baht. For 10,000 Baht a month you should be able to rent a very nice 1 room studio style Apartment with a good kitchen and nice furniture.

Understand how much you will be paying for water and electricity. I have heard of low rents but extremely high charges for water and power. Make sure you write down the water and power reading when you move in. Get a copy of the apartment rules if one is available.

Other Things To Consider :

  • Check that the power works including light fixtures
  • Check there is water in kitchen, bath, and shower
  • Do you need Air Conditioning?
  • Do the windows have screens?
  • Is there safe parking?
  • Make your list…

Pattaya is not your normal kind of city. It is a party town in many areas and when you choose to rent an apartment you may want to check out the vicinity during daytime and nighttime. Are there any bars close by? Bars can be fun for someone coming to visit Pattaya for a short time. Bars may not be so much fun if you have one in your backyard. Bars in Pattaya oftentimes stay open 24/7.

The Complete Guide to Apartment Hunting in New Hampshire

Whether you’re relocating to New Hampshire from out-of-state, moving out on your own for the first time, or simply looking for a new place to call home, you’ll want to be sure to research and plan your move long before the day you need to start packing boxes.

To help you along on the process of finding and moving into your new apartment in New Hampshire, we’ve created a must-do list for your search:

1. List your Must-Have’s

a. For most people, this includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, access to transportation or major commuter routes, and community guidelines such as whether they offer pet friendly apartments.

b. Once you’ve identified the features you can’t live without, you can start narrowing down your search.

2. List your Nice-to-Have’s

a. The nice-to-have features on your list may include utilities, features such as a pool, patio or deck, or fitness center, or amenities like on-site laundry.

3. Determine Your Budget

a. According to recent figures, many experts agree that your total housing payment should be no more than 1/3rd of your monthly gross income. If the rest of your budget is in balance, this should allow you to cover all monthly expenses easily, and still have funds left over for saving or investing.

b. If you plan to have a roommate, be sure to take their portion of the rent and utilities, into account when factoring your budget.

4. Check out the Neighborhoods

a. Now we come to the fun part – deciding on the region and neighborhood you’d like to start calling home. As much of this will be determined by proximity to your job and means of transportation, it may be best to conduct a search on Google maps to get a feel for the cities and towns in the area along the way.

b. One of the best things about New Hampshire is that each region of the state offers a very different lifestyle than the rest. We’ve detailed out a few of the most popular regions to help you narrow down your search:

i. Nashua NH Area Apartments
1. Named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America by CNN in 2010
2. Commuter-friendly and close to the Massachusetts border
3. Area consists of a small city and quiet surrounding towns – many options for everyone!

ii. Manchester NH Apartments
1. Conveniently located 48 miles from Boston on two main highways, with access to a major airport.
2. Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire, and home to a significant percentage of the jobs and employers in the state.
3. An influx of new restaurants, entertainment venues, sporting arenas and events, and retail shops makes Manchester a great place to call home!

iii. Lakes Region NH Apartments
1. One of the regions that New Hampshire is known for throughout the country is the beautiful Lakes Region, consisting of lakes, waterfront property, and more activities, areas of sightseeing, and a never-ending list of things to see and do.

iv. Concord NH Apartments
1. Concord is New Hampshire’s capital city, and home to government offices, hundreds of businesses, and a thriving downtown area bustling with restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues.
2. Concord is conveniently located on I-93, and is considered a midpoint between Boston and NH’s stunning White Mountains.

v. Derry & Southern NH Apartments
1. The southern NH area, and Derry specifically, is a growing region most popular with people who are commuting to work in Massachusetts, or looking for a convenient and family-friendly suburb that’s not too far from major cities.

5. Shop Online First, Then On-Site

a. Now that you have your must-have’s and nice-to-have’s narrowed down, and you’ve identified the region you’re most interested in moving to, it’s easy to do an online search to see what type of apartments are available.

b. Websites will now provide you with an Online Apartment Rental Application so you can start the entire process from home, and see what you qualify for. This will save you time from driving around and filling out applications on-site.

6. It’s time to pack, move, and decorate your new place!

a. Congratulations on finding your new apartment rental!

b. When you’re ready to move, check out our blog for great tips on decorating your apartment, storage, moving, and getting around your new neighborhood:

Thoughts On Nice – Re-Discovering The French Riviera

A walk towards the Mediterranean

When I “landed” in Nice in my tiny Fiat back in the 70s, I could not avoid being mesmerized by a city so charming and majestic, so full with the colours of its people, of its painted façades. I learned to love the oozing perfumes from the flowers of its gardens, the pungent smell of its spices and the subtle aroma of its herbs: so much different from the Paris I adored.

Nikaia as the Greeks called it when they first set foot on these shores some 2600 years back, is now a blend of gentle climate, African influences, Mediterranean experiences and a trail of an Italian past still engrained in its people, their accent, patois, gestures, warmth.

As, in a more recent past, I ventured out of my hotel in Nice, I looked up at the plane trees lining both sides of Boulevard Victor Hugo: so majestic and maternal in their huge embrace. They reminded me of the same old plane trees that still line the ancient roads of my Po Valley, planted back in the 18th Century when Napoleon colonized it.

I remember climbing them, admiring their patched bark, gathering the fallen twigs to light up our stove on dark winter mornings. I used to play hide and seek behind their huge trunks, climbing them and enjoying them so much in my happy distant youth; in a way it was like coming home.

Waking down towards the sea, past the Negresco Hotel and the Palais de la Mediteranée, I could not refrain from thinking that the breathtakingly splendid Promenade des Anglais used to be, only a couple of hundred years ago, a short, bumpy narrow path built for the enjoyment of the British Aristocracy who swapped the winter chill and the rainy weather of their Northern Isles for the gentle climate and the beautiful surroundings of Nice.

And there it was, the Mediterranean Sea, the centre of the ancient universe, languidly staring at you.

No longer as blue as the French poet Stephan Liegeard described it in 1887 “la Côte d’Azur”, but still warm and inviting, perhaps even now enjoying a Blue Flag status.

Like an ancient pagan ritual, gravity defying breasts and sculpted legs were on proud display to uninterested passers-by, hoping to steal the last precious rays of an already distant sun. Joyous dogs were trying in vain for a good foothold on the round beach pebbles, flattened by the rhythm of tidal waves.

I gazed towards the landing strip of Nice Cote d’Azur Airport; where were the fishermen? “Helas” long gone was the time when Nice’s all embracing bay was known as “la Baie des Anchois” – the bay of anchovies, by “divine” intervention, now known as “la Baie des Anges” – Angels’ Bay, or was it a sound marketing ploy?

My gentle walk was an enjoyable luxury despite my casual clothing. I was now under the spell of a sea of aristocrats, nouveaux riches, playboys parading the promenade in their immaculately tailored outfits. I could smell their joie de vivre, but could it have been a designer perfume? I also heard their indistinguishable proud walk mimicked by their poodles trotting beside them.

They no longer paraded their diamond encrusted jewels, their signature Scarves, their camel leather shoes nor their distinctive Panama hats to shelter their balding heads. It is now cool to show off perfectly bleached teeth, tailored implants, superbly tanned skins, bulging watches, the latest sport shoes and to whizz around in funky gyropodes.

Nice’s Carnival had come and gone, but I could still see faces and aging wrinkles masked by not so skilful surgeons. Like in a circus, properly outfitted youngsters were displaying their skating skill, others, on state of the art bikes, were whizzing in and out of their marked path in a joyous confrontation with the last standing belle époque “heroes”.

It was time to go back to my rugged plane trees and to leave behind the beautifully regimented palm trees, the exuberant exotic flowers and those carefully manicured lawns.